Best Managed Companies 2019

Silanos was awarded as one of the 2019 Best Managed Companies.

Best Managed Companies 2019
2019 Silanos new range

2019 Silanos launches the new range

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SINCE 1964
Welcome to a cleaner world

Silanos is today a leading company in professional cleaning, with over 300,000 dishwashers produced in the last 15 years.

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Quality made easy

Silanos is an absolute innovation in design and process, not only in the field of industrial dishwashers.

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Silanos Website Spare Parts

Website dedicated to the management (request for quotation) of the spare parts of the operating machines.

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Certified Quality

The quality vision is not only linked to the perfect washing result, but also to the guarantee of security in all aspects: mechanical and electrical safety, non-toxicity and non-flammability, in accordance with the laws and European directives.



The three production lines include machines with proper characteristics, that target specific uses, from small glass washers up to 9,000 plates dishwashers for large canteens and hospitals.